What motivates me to keep designing

I mean like…sometimes you want to try another profession. But you can’t.

Windyasari Septriani
3 min readAug 1, 2022

There is a UX designer who changed their career as Tatoo Artist and updated it on Linkedin. Despite and regardless of what he does now, I salute his decision. No, not Indonesian. But for me, I don’t think I can do it, or maybe don’t even want it yet, on the other side, sometimes working as a Designer in tech can make us burn out like, literally burn…your vein, head, and blood feels in heat 😕. Others designers can help us to keep motivating, though. Here’s what I got:

2 Product Designers

So I just recently found two super talented Product Designers. Although one of both, I cannot find yet his works anywhere on the internet 😅 (might be because of the NDA contract, though). The point is that designers like these can boost your spirit and motivation at work….well, to keep designing 🤷🏻‍♀️ (you know how stressful it is to deal with people…in tech).

Idealism, ‘ngga neko-neko’

The one designer I meant here above is, I found him on workspaces.xyz newsletter via email. Yes, I subscribed to it. It’s a collection of workspace inspiration photos from people in tech especially most of them being Product Designers. The unique thing about him is, when I checked him on Linkedin (it says he just recently joined a small startup, TalkJS), he has no Linkedin (or it’s hard to find the link), nor on read.cv his another experience is ‘just’ owned an art and design studio that has print and digital magazine about it, also as a web and product design studio, but no portfolios in there. He really keeps the website very clean and dark with only art and industrial design stuff to show. Interesting! He was studying design in the same year as me.

I didn’t mean to ‘talk about others’ or kepo in Indonesian trend language here. Just curious about what other people do in the same profession as me, moreover (in most cases) because the touch point where or how I found them on the internet is either interesting or motivating. I once wrote on my Instagram story, ‘Be careful with anyone or designers or UXer that writing a blog and mentioning about ‘envy’ -like, literally mentioning it- to other people careers or when someone got promoted, even in the chill vibe like they don’t know the concept of God/Allah or they are really greedy about money and position even after they have it.’. But in this case, I’m a bit envious of his idealism 😆, even though I’m sure he won’t use any emojis when writing. When checking the startup where he works, the founder was also a designer.

Diligent, skilful, side projects

The second designer is… I remind her since I recently got the updates from her newsletter. I know her from her twitt that seems to have gone a bit viral, about her amazing works as a designer and maker…like…making it from scratch to finished and coding it of course. Then after she twitted it, many startups and companies DM her, then she twitted about her salary expectation below:

After that, I checked her Linkedin to see what startup or company she choose but seems she wasn’t updated her Linkedin yet at that time. But now it’s updated, she works at a new startup at Modyfi.

You know when you feels burnout or lost a bit motivation to work, just subscribed to any articles, professional, workspace so hopefully can boost your spirit, not always about to learn. So yes, not always on social media. And don’t forget to follow people from outside Indonesia 😆 -especially if you work remotely abroad-

The section titles above which described them can be a keyword for us (at least for me) as motivations, inspiration, or what to do.